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When No One Is Watching by Natalie Charles

Natalie Charles is quickly becoming a favorite romantic suspense author of mine. Her stories are filled with danger, complicated plots and much emotion, where every scene is believably portrayed with realistic details. Ms. Charles is an actual attorney, and her knowledge about police procedures makes scenarios seem even more convincing.WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING has one twist after another, and each clue is cleverly constructed to cause much speculation.

When Lieutenant Gray Bartlett gets to the location where a body has been found, the Boston police officer immediately wonders if an unidentified killer has struck …

Review: Redeeming the CEO Cowboy by Charlene Sands


Susanna Hart is devoted to her two-year old cousin and her fledgling pastry business, Sweet Susie’s. It is of no concern to her that Casey Thomas, former rodeo champion and now CEO of a construction firm, is back and living in his house next door. She will not pay any attention to the man who took her virginity and then left town. Some plans often go astray as Susanna soon finds out.

Casey still feels guilty about that night with Susanna, his little sister’s best friend. He is back now on business and why not …

Review: Beyond the Moon and Ghost Wolf by Michele Hauf

The BEAUTIFUL CREATURES world created by Michele Hauf has two new books, and each one is truly inventive. When I read a book written by this author, I know the scenarios will always be innovative with exceptional characters, and both stories surpassed my expectations.

“Beyond the Moon”

Characters from other books In the Company of Vampires series are featured in this enthralling story, and I was very glad these individuals are not going through the terrible problems that the current hero and heroine have to face. Michele Hauf skillfully gives the couple one challenge after another …

Review: MOUNTAIN RESCUE by Hope White

Billie Bronson is finally ready to face her demons, she is hiking to the very spot along the Cascade Mountain trail where she and her husband Rick had been rescued a short year ago. That first hike was suppose to be a way to get their marriage back on track but they had argued and Rick struck out alone and fell. Billie kept vigil until their rescue but Rick died soon afterward. Today she is looking for forgiveness and understanding about why her marriage failed. She is suddenly startled by a stranger along the …

Review: A Kiss on Crimson Ranch by Michelle Major


Former child star, Sara Wellens has hit rock bottom. She has been unable to land any roles and barely supports herself as a waitress. When she learns she has inherited a ranch in Crimson, CO, she and her friend head to Crimson to sell the ranch and hopefully have enough money to get back on her feet. Sounds truly simple, but reality is not shaping up that way.

Josh Travers, former bull rider and single dad, is her partner and he plans on turning the guest ranch into an action/adventure resort. Sara finds herself drawn …

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