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Review: Traitorous Attraction by C.J. Miller

A number of factors in TRAITOROUS ATTRACTION made me want to read the book, and not one of these aspects disappointed. Two strangers have to work together on a perilous mission, where they must hike through a jungle which has countless risks that could come at them from numerous sources. I have always loved this plot, and C.J. Miller gives her couple some original dilemmas to prevail over or their mission cannot continue. Add in lots of sexual tension, and scenes become even more riveting because of unleashed passions. From beginning to end, TRAITOROUS …

Review: Engagement of Convenience – Georgie Lee

Written with plenty of flair, elan and verve, Engagement of Convenience is an exceptional and enjoyable Regency romance from a new writer for Harlequin Historicals: Georgie Lee.

Julia Howard is no ordinary Regency miss. A spirited young lady who is more at home riding horses and managing the family estate than attending balls and having tea with esteemed dowagers, Julia’s life revolves around her family and Knollwood, the ancestral country pile that is her most treasured possession. Whilst other girls of her station yearn to be swept off their feet by a suitable bridegroom, Julia …

Review: A REAL LIVE HERO by Kimberly Van Meter

Delainey Clark left Homer, Alaska to make it big in Hollywood as a TV producer. However, her latest project was a financial flop and now Delainey is scrambling to save her career with a reality show filmed in, of all places, Homer. And the proposed star is her ex, ruggedly handsome Trace Sinclair, a well known search and rescue tracker. What a conundrum, how will Delainey ever persuade Trace to go along with her plan for the show without losing her heart?



Trace Sinclair does not enjoy the limelight that his …

Review: Bound by a Baby – Kate Hardy

This year’s winner of the RONA Rose Award for category romance, Bound by a Baby is a stirring and emotional story about unexpected twists of fate, the healing of old scars and the redemptive power of love guaranteed to have you reaching for the tissues.

The bottom had fallen out of jewelry designer Emmy Jacobs’ world when her best friend Ally had died in a tragic accident. Ally had been more like a sister than a friend – she’d been the first person she called in times of crises and,after another one of her feckless …

Review: SAFE IN THE TYCOON’S ARMS by Jennifer Faye

Kate Whitley is running on pure adrenaline, her daughter is in the hospital waiting for a life saving operation that Kate can not afford. In fact, she is relying on the goodness of a stranger by staying in an empty house close to the hospital that the stranger knows about while she tries to figure out a way to pay for her daughter’s operation. The last thing she needs is to be confronted by the owner of the house and be thrown out into the cold wet night.



Lucas …

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