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Review: Untraceable by Janie Crouch


Omega Sector Agents Evan Karcz and Juliet Branson were amazing as undercover agents Bob and Lisa Sinclair. That is until Juliet was brutally attacked and left traumatized. Now she prefers the safety of paperwork to field work. When word reaches Bob Sinclair that military secrets are being auctioned, Even knows he must help Juliet regain her confidence and ability to work in the field. He has a simple plan. He will keep Juliet with him day and night, practicing being a loving couple. When attraction flairs out of control, Evan realizes he would do …

Review: The Tycoon’s Stowaway by Stefanie London


Ten years have past since Brodie Mitchell and Chantal Turner realized that the desire between them was sizzling hot. That realization had far reaching consequences among their group of friends. Everything changed that night. Now Brodie, a luxury yacht tycoon, and Chantal, a dancer, meet again. The heat between them still sizzles and Brodie knows there is only one way to get Chantal out of his system. His yacht offers the perfect place to engage in a one night no-strings delight, but one night becomes two and then another. Brodie realizes he wants more, …

Review: Tempting Target (Dangerous in Dallas) by Addison Fox

A very unusual premise for the Dangerous in Dallas miniseries began in the first book, and this story takes what was previously learned and adds more mysteries to further complicate the lives of three best friends. Hidden gemstones are connected to a murder, and those who are being affected by someone’s greed must be careful or they could be next. A strong-minded detective works with a stubborn caterer, and neither could have predicted how this association would change both of their futures. Unpredicted threats and emotional issues make TEMPTING TARGET riveting plus constantly stirring.

The …

Review: Countermeasures by Janie Crouch


Sawyer Branson knew there would be a price to pay for past actions. Assigned a babysitting job, Sawyer was determined to do a great job. Dr. Megan Fuller had been asked to devise a tool to counter a dangerous weapon. When Megan’s life is threatened, Sawyer plans to give her 24 hour babysitting services. Sawyer is used to women falling into his arms, but Megan isn’t like that. He finds her a challenge in more ways than one. He will meet both challenges – keeping her safe and making her his.

Janie Crouch knows how …

Review: The Last Heir of Monterrato – Andie Brock


When art student Lottie had fallen head over heels in love with gorgeous Rafael Revaldi, she was stunned to discover that he was an Italian count! Sophisticated, charming and as handsome as sin, Rafael had swept Lottie off her feet and, despite the vast social chasm between them, lost no time in making her his wife. Lottie and Rafael had planned to spend the rest of their life together, but when a cruel twist of fate had shattered their precious happiness, parting seemed like the only option for them. Realizing that their marriage had …

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