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Review: The Prince’s Christmas Vow by Jennifer Faye


Zoe Sarris is surprised when Crown Prince Demetrius requests her interior design services. She had not seen him since their surprise elopement a year ago. She thinks she is finally over him but is not sure what will happen if she sees him again. Needing the money, she reluctantly accepts the job. When she learns they are still married, she is shocked. She is even more shocked when Demetrius indicates he wants her back. Before Christmas would be nice.

So many secrets and lack of communication led to these two having problems. Add in a …

Review: Triple Dare by Regina Kyle


World fashion photographer Ivy Nelson comes home to help with some family issues. While home, she agrees to help out a local photographer by completing the shoot for a charity calendar. She never expected one of the subjects would be her high school friend and fantasy, Cade Hardesty.

When a dare leads to an amazing kiss, Cade and Ivy cannot stop themselves from enjoying so much more than a kiss. Now Cade wants more, but is Ivy ready to give up her globe-trotting career?

Cade had a few problems but grew into a man any parent …

Review: HER SECOND CHANCE FAMILY by Holly Jacobs

Audrey Smith experienced a horrific life-altering event on the eve before her graduation from high school. That one tragedy colors the rest of her life and influences her to adopt three foster children including a struggling teenager, Willow, accused of stealing. Audrey is Willow’s last and best chance to find her way and be accepted into a loving home. To make amends for her theft, Willow intends to offer her services to the homeowner she stole from. It takes several tries but at last her victim, Sawyer Williams, agrees that Willow should mow his …

Review: A SEAL’s Temptation by Tawny Weber


Since taking over her Mom’s quirky coffee shop in Little Lake ID, Lark Summers has not bee very happy. She wants to keep her mother’s shop viable in her memory, but there does not seem to be even a man in sight who touches her senses. Not to mention, she misses her art. Her friends realize she is not happy and they resolve to change that.

U.S. Navy SEAL Shane O’Brien has no idea his sister is setting him up. He finds Lark very desirable and is willing to enjoy the time he has with …

Review: One Night Before Christmas by Susan Carlisle

ONE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS perfectly interweaves medical careers with sports, romance and the holiday season to create a story that constantly enthralls. Susan Carlisle always manages to make her main couple lovable, even if they make mistakes like in real life. Though Dr. Dalton Reynolds and Dr. Melanie Hyde are pleased when anyone they are treating improves, they each have issues in their private lives which keep them from being truly content. After they meet, neither is ever the same again and much soul-searching must be done while deciding in what direction they want …

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