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Review: Taken by the Con by C.J. Miller

Two individuals want a current FBI case to be successful for vastly different reasons. The motives of the man deal with personal happiness while longing for an esteemed career pushes the woman. Forced to work together, past events in their lives greatly affect many of their decisions, while opposing personalities add lots of conflict. Whether this couple can resolve their differences and start to trust each other will not be easy, as one complication after another constantly crops up. C.J. Miller makes the danger in their lives especially perilous, which caused me plenty of …

Review: The Chatsfield Rebel’s Bargain by Annie West

Wealthy adventurer Orsino Chatsfield is well known for his daredevil escapades but this time his mortality caught up with him. He was nearly killed by an avalanche and is in danger of losing his eyesight. Lying in the hospital, Orsino can think of only one person he needs; Poppy Graham. On the surface, Orsino believes demanding her to attend to him while he is laid low will be the perfect punishment for her after leaving him five years ago, but the truth is that he is still in love with Poppy.


World renown model, …

Review: TEXAS HOLIDAY MIRACLE by Linda Warren

Lacey Carroll has moved home to Horseshoe, Texas to start a new chapter in her life. Since her father’s death, she has become guardian of her six-year-old half sister, Emma. Most days Lacey feels she has the whole parenting thing down, but then there are days when she has no idea what to do. Like the day an older child told Emma there was no Santa Claus and Emma decides there is no reason to celebrate Christmas. Or the many times Emma insists on trespassing in the neighbor’s yard because she said the dog …

Review: Snowed In With The Billionaire – Caroline Anderson


Georgia Beckett and Sebastian Corder had been inseparable as children and when friendship had given way to first love, the young lovers had thought that they were going to be spending the rest of their lives together – until shocking secrets of the past had torn them suddenly and cruelly apart. Determined to start afresh and to heal from the wounds that had almost destroyed her, Georgia had vowed to make a life for herself and she had met, married and had a child with a man whom she’d been fond of, but whom …

Review: Infiltration by Janie Crouch


Cameron Branson has been undercover for many months now trying to bring down the head of DS-13, the man responsible for the brutal murder of his partner. All his work may come undone when his ex-girlfriend interrupts an undercover operation. Sophia Reardon works for the FBI but as a graphic designer. Her job is not at all dangerous but being in the wrong place at the wrong time leaves her as a hostage and in the arms of her ex. Cameron knows he must keep her close. She could blow his cover and ruin …

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