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Review: A Deal Before the Altar – Rachael Thomas

There is nothing that Georgina Henshaw wouldn’t do for her beloved younger sister, Emma. Ensuring her sibling’s happiness has always been Georgina’s number one priority, so when the darkly enigmatic billionaire Santos Ramirez begins to threaten Emma’s happiness, Georgina vows to do whatever it takes to ensure that her sister’s future is not jeopardised – even marriage! Santos Ramirez might be as far removed from her ideal of Mr Right as it is possible to get, however, nothing will deter the determined Georgina from achieving her goal of guaranteeing her sister’s future with the …

Review: The Marine’s Temptation (The Adair Affairs) by Jennifer Morey

Continuing mysteries and new dangerous threats make the second book in The Adair Affairs miniseries intriguing, while its interesting romantic couple adds to the entertainment. Jennifer Morey explains what became known in the first installment, and then introduces several more secrets that often lead to perilous situations. Just when you think everything is finally going to be all right, more jeopardy comes into the lives of the main characters. Suspense escalates because of countless uncertainties in THE MARINE’S TEMPTATION.

After his father was murdered, Carson Adair is learning he really did not know the man …

Review: The Bounty Hunter’s Forbidden Desire by Jean Thomas

With unique developments and plenty of imagination, the suspenseful story created by Jean Thomas is original plus interesting. Though the facility described in the book is fictitious, the idea behind the place is very real and the author puts it plus the main couple in grave danger. The threats to the hero and heroine are often sudden, and this unanticipated peril often escalates with each passing day. Deciding what to do next comes with its own challenges when emotions become involved. THE BOUNTY HUNTER’S FORBIDDEN DESIRE has multiple challenges to lives and hearts.

When …

Review: THE COWBOY’S LITTLE SURPRISE by Barbara White Daille

Jedediah Garland knows that family is the most important thing in the world but his family is scattered and he is feeling the loss. Just when he thinks things will never change a small glimmer of an idea gives root to a plan to gather his family back to Cowboy Creek, New Mexico. It begins with his granddaughter Tina and her son Robbie. Tina is the only one that never left Cowboy Creek, in fact she keeps the books for her grandfather at the Hitching Post Hotel. At one time Tina thought she would …

Review: Breaking Her No Dating Rule by Amalie Berlin

Massage therapist, Ellory Star, knows she needs a change in her life. After another failed relationship, she returns home for some time to explore herself. To that end, she resolves to not date again until she feels she is ready for more. She did not count on being snowed in with a sexy ER and rescue doctor, Anson Graves. It does not take long before she is testing her resolution and wondering if the very hot doctor is worth breaking it.

Ellory is an amazing heroine. She has her quirks and eccentricities that make her …

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