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Review: Joint Engagement (To Protect and Serve) by Karen Anders

JOINT ENGAGEMENT is equally as captivating as a well-known TV show because it combines two of my favorite genres, suspense and romance. The riveting miniseries from Karen Anders called To Protect and Serve is about US government agencies who do their best to defeat threats to the United States and its citizens. What makes the current book even more appealing is the romance that unexpectedly develops during a very risky mission, catching the couple off guard and adding to the tension between them. Ms. Anders keeps the adrenaline pumping as one dilemma after another …


Several things led to physical therapist Abby Winchester traveling to Ramblewood, Texas from her home in Charleston, South Carolina. It began with receiving a cryptic note from her biological father after his death. It read simply, “Find you sister.” Which was a perplexity since Abby didn’t have a sister, or a least not one she knew about. But the final straw was that the hospital where she worked, once again turned down her proposal for using animals in therapy. Abby needed a break and she needed to find out if she really …

Review: A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS by Lacy Williams

Recluse Daisy Richards avoids people at all cost because they would stare at her empty sleeve and ask all kinds of awkward personal questions. But one person has found his way around the wall Daisy has formed. New ranch hand Ricky White treats Daisy like anyone else and expects her to do things for herself. He has even made adjustments to her work areas to help her fend for herself.

Ricky hasn’t told Daisy that he is responsible for the accident that took her arm but he feels that he should help her learn to …


Child advocate Katherine Harper finally has her life together. A former foster child herself, Katherine applied herself to get her degree and become an advocate for children through her work and volunteer activities. In fact, she is being considered for Citizen of the Year because of her volunteer work. All that dimmed  when she looked over to see Nick Delaney opposite her in family court. Her painful past had caught up with her.

Nick Delaney couldn’t believe his eyes, there was his high school classmate, Kat, next to him in court. He wouldn’t have …

Review: A Question of Honor – Kate Walker

Clementina Saveneski learnt from a very early age that life as a princess wasn’t all ballgowns, dances and luxurious parties. Having had a miserable childhood where she was made to feel like an outsider by her own family, Clementina had vowed to escape her gilded cage and make a life for herself far away from her father’s autocratic rule. Escaping to England, Clementina had managed to start afresh in Yorkshire, where she had built a new life for herself as an ordinary woman. But at the back of her mind is the ever-present feeling …

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