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Review: The Secret King by C.J. Miller

The Conspiracy Against the Crown miniseries begins by focusing on royalty and danger, as someone does not want any members of a ruling family in a fictional Mediterranean country to remain alive. C.J. Miller has written a very interesting story, where emotional issues and secrets hinder the development of a relationship. But when unexpected feelings become a factor in deciding the future of two people, then anything can happen. THE SECRET KING is an intriguing blend of suspense and romance.

When Casimir Cullen went to Acacia, his main reason was to extract vengeance against a …

Review: HER CONVENIENT COWBOY by Lacy Williams

Davy White is annoyed that his adopted brother has up and left the ranch. There are plenty of family members to help run the place but Davy and Ricky had plans to winter a heard of cattle that they bought then sell them for a profit. Instead, Davy will be working the cattle alone while living in a remote cabin. But Davy is surprised to find someone in the cabin that he and his family had just stocked with enough food to last the winter and that someone is holding a gun on him.


A …

Review: PAYBACK by Hope White

Nia Sharpe’s first instinct was to warn her boss, resort manager Aiden McBride, about the two strange men that were looking for him. Something was not quite right about the two. Nia rushed up the hiking trail to Pleasant Point, where Aiden was camping, when she couldn’t get in touch with him by phone. Spooked by the men that followed her, Nia slipped off the trail just as she spotted Aiden. Being rescued by Aiden was embarrassing but reassuring as well. Aiden is a good honorable man despite the emotional baggage he carries from …

Review: Unlocking Her Surgeon’s Heart – Fiona Lowe

Noah Jackson has got one goal: to become the best surgeon in Melbourne. Intelligent, astute and ambitious, Noah has aced all his exams and is now in the final stages of qualifying as a surgeon. Although Noah’s prowess in theatre cannot be faulted, his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired – which is why he is absolutely shocked when his superiors send him on a GP placement in the rural town of Turraburra to hone his people skills! Noah is absolutely furious! He needs to be in Melbourne in order to achieve …

Review: Dragon’s Promise by Denise Lynn

While it may have been some time since the last book about the dragon shifting Drake brothers was released, I definitely have not forgotten the innovative premise of the stories. So I am very happy that the third brother has been given the opportunity to tell about his life and the many difficult predicaments he has to face. Denise Lynn continues to make the paranormal details believable in her world where dragons are real, and nothing is ever easy for these magnificent beings when it comes to love. The characters in DRAGON’S PROMISE are …

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