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Review: Sentinels: Leopard Enchanted by Doranna Durgin

The beings known as Sentinels have been clashing with another group of individuals called the Atrum Core for a very long time, and it appears their conflict is definitely not over in the eighth book of the series. In each story about the Sentinels, the premise has been extremely unique with a spirited couple. The newest release brings danger to the group who watches over the southwest region, and it is up to one of its members to stop the threat or all may be doomed. When an enemy is able to get close …

Review: A Wager for the Widow – Elisabeth Hobbes

The widowed Lady Peyton cherishes her life of independence where she is the mistress of her own destiny and nobody’s subordinate – unlike many other women of her time. Eleanor’s life on her secluded island might get lonely at times, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves pleasing herself and not having anyone to answer to and she is not exactly overjoyed when she is summoned by her father, Lord Edgar, to the family home over midwinter. Well aware that her parents are keen to see her married off again, preferably …

Alec’s Royal Assignment (Man on a Mission) by Amelia Autin

Each story in the Man on a Mission miniseries has had an original premise and is frequently emotional. There have also been many characters featured in more than one book, as plots have these individuals repeatedly working together to keep others safe. In the third novel of the miniseries, a man already met has his life drastically changing after one look at a stunning woman. Neither was seeking a relationship, as their careers meant everything to them, but sometimes the heart refuses to listen to the mind. Amelia Autin delves into the harsh realities …

Review: Seduced By The Moon by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

It takes talent to keep creating heroes with whom I instantly come to adore, and Linda Thomas-Sundstrom once again proves she has this skill when she created Gavin Harris. A man who has dedicated to himself to helping others along with the environment, he also has the capacity to deeply feel emotions which influence his actions. From the moment he comes in contact with Skylar Donovan, a woman who is stubbornly gutsy, neither of them will ever be the same. Secrets abound in SEDUCED BY THE MOON, and revelations are startlingly imaginative.

When Skylar Donovan …

Review: The Runaway Daughter by Lauri Robinson


Brock Ness struggled to pay off his injured father’s debts by playing in local gin joint. He thinks he finally has a chance to make it big when h is called for a spot on a radio show in Chicago. Landing the gig is easy but what is he going to do with Ginger Nightingale? Ginger wanted to get away from her father so she stowed away when Brock left. It doesn’t help that Ginger is the one dame he wanted. Not a problem for Ginger, he is the one man she wanted.

What a …

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