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Review: DAMASO CLAIMS HIS HEIR by Annie West

Self-made billionaire Damaso Pires and Princess Marisa of Bengaria met in the steamy jungles of Brazil where they had one brief sizzling night of bliss. The next morning, Damaso left Marisa knowing she would understand that the instant attraction they shared would never be permanent. However, Marisa thought their night together was too good to be fleeting and was crushed by Damaso’s thoughtlessness. Damaso believed the media’s version of Marisa as a party girl and he has proven to Marisa that he is a playboy at heart.


A month later Marisa and Damaso accidentally meet …

Review: THE SURPRISE TRIPLETS by Jacqueline Diamond


When Melissa and Edmond married, they resolved not to have children. But after Melissa’s parents died in a car accident, things began to change for Melissa and she thought things could change for Edmond too. Edmond, however, couldn’t believe Melissa altered her feelings on the subject and so took matters into his own hands to make sure he would never have children. Not understanding how her loving husband could be so arrogantly selfish, Melissa left their marriage.


Now, three years later, Melissa is a fertility counselor at Safe Harbor Medical and has decided to have …

Review: Never Trust a Rebel – Sarah Mallory

An exceptional Georgian romance that exquisitely balances danger, deception and desire, Never Trust a Rebel is the mesmerizing new novel from award-winning author Sarah Mallory!

After he had been branded a traitor, Drew Castlemain had no other choice but to flee England and leave everything that was familiar to him behind. Ten long years might have passed since Drew last stepped on English soil, but the daring adventurer knows that he can never return home. Having been disowned by his family and with a price hanging over his head, Drew has had no other …


promises under the peach tree banner

Heartache, Tennessee may be a sleepy little town in comparison to New York City, where Nina Spencer lived for the past few years, but it is a welcoming respite after her Cupcake business went under due to her partner running off with a rich client. Coming home to Heartache, broken and disillusioned, Nina finds she is needed by her ailing grandmother and possibly by the one man she thought she would never want to see again.

Mack Finley left Nashville and …

Review: CAPTURED BY THE SHEIKH by Kate Hewitt

Determined to save her throne, Queen Elena Karras of Thallia is braced for a marriage of convenience with Sheikh Aziz al Bakir of Kadar as she disembarks from her royal jet. She is met by a disturbingly handsome stranger who whisks her away, not to the palace but to a desert camp. She has been kidnapped and all her plans are in ruin. She must escape in order to fulfill her father’s dying wish for her to lead the people of Thallia. But the longer she is in the company of her captor, the …

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