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Review: Justice Hunter (Cold Case Detectives) by Jennifer Morey

Dark Alley Investigations was started by a man who know all too well about the heartbreak of losing a loved one and not having those responsible for the death caught. Cases gone cold are much harder to sort out, but having committed employees helps his company to bring closure to families for whom no answers have been found. The second book in the Cold Case Detectives miniseries has a new investigator tangling with a woman who might know facts about a murder which he is determined to solve, no matter how many times he …

Review: Nanny Makes Three by Cat Schield


When Liam Wade is mistaken as the father of his twin brother’s child, Liam does what he knows he must. He take in his young fussy niece and looks for a nanny as fast as he can. Hadley Stratton responds to the call for a nanny. She knows all about Liam’s reputation with the ladies and does not believe for a moment that the baby is not his. As she takes on the care of the fussy baby, she begins to see more of Liam and realizes the he more than his reputation. When …

Review: Bane by Brenda Jackson


Brisbane Westmoreland has spent five years in the Navy and is now a SEAL. He feels he is ready to return and reclaim his woman. He tracks her down in Dallas and goes to find her. But when he arrives, He finds Crystal Newsome is not as eager for a reunion as he is.. Crystal is not happy that Bane told her he loves her but then never came for her. Now she is a biochemist working towards her PhD. Her research has drawn the attention and some are willing to do whatever is …

Review: Captivating the Witch by Michele Hauf

Characters created by Michele Hauf are always unique, and none have been more distinctive than demon Edamite Thrash. Living in Paris, he has taken it upon himself to make certain other demons are kept safe yet they must behave and not draw the notice of humans. When he crosses paths with a spirited witch named Tamatha Bellerose, neither of their lives are ever the same again. I laughed during scenes where amusement was the focus, and fretted when a situation seemed hopeless. Ms. Hauf never fails to draw me into the lives of her …

Review: One Night with a Viking by Harper St. George


Abandoned by his mother and barely tolerated by his father, Gunnar grew up craving love but always left feeling he did not deserve any. Leaving for Saxon lands, Gunnar visit his childhood sweetheart. When she offers herself to him, Gunnar cannot resist the lure of one night in her bed. He leaves the next morning with memories that will have to last him forever.

Kadlin was devastated when Gunnar left her bed seemingly without a thought for her. He is returned to her two years later, severely injured from the battles across the sea. Kadlin …

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