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Review: SAFE IN THE TYCOON’S ARMS by Jennifer Faye

Kate Whitley is running on pure adrenaline, her daughter is in the hospital waiting for a life saving operation that Kate can not afford. In fact, she is relying on the goodness of a stranger by staying in an empty house close to the hospital that the stranger knows about while she tries to figure out a way to pay for her daughter’s operation. The last thing she needs is to be confronted by the owner of the house and be thrown out into the cold wet night.



Lucas …

Review: Unlocking the Doctor’s Heart by Susanne Hampton


To start fresh, Dr. Beth Seymour decides to participate in an exchange program for second year residents. She arrives in Australia looking forward to her new assignment. Then she meets her new boss. Dr Matthew Harrison used to be charming until he suffered a loss that affects him still. He is demanding and caustic at times. Beth decides to stand up to him and Matthew finds himself intrigued. His heart melts a bit, but is it enough?

Both Matthew and Beth were dealing with issues from their past. For Matt’s part, his heart was locked …

Review: Seducing His Princess by Olivia Gates



Mohab Aal Ghaanam once had the love of this life, Jala Aal Masood, and lost her. Now he has the means to get her back as he had sworn all those years ago. As a new king, he has some lever age to get her to marry him and thus prevent a feud from erupting between their two kingdoms.

When Mohab rescued her six years ago, Jala felt so much for him only to find herself betrayed. Now Mohab is trying to force her to marry and while Jala finds herself still desiring …

Review: From Ruin to Riches – Louise Allen

Award-winning author Louise Allen continues to prove to be one of historical romance’s most innovative and most gifted writers with her latest novel, From Ruin to Riches. Evocative, powerful and dramatic, From Ruin to Riches is an emotional tale of impossible desire, devastating secrets and everlasting love that is as difficult to resist as it is to forget.

Julia Prior had thought that she had shaken the stifling shackles of her guardians’ charity when she had eloped with the devastatingly handsome, Jonathan. On their way to Gretna Green, Julia gave in to temptation and succumbed …

Review: Lethal Affair by Jean Thomas

Every now and then a person gets a second chance at finding happiness with someone once loved. Sometime the circumstances leading to this occasion are without problems, but that is definitely not the situation created for the latest suspenseful book by Jean Thomas. Plenty of emotions surface throughout the story, and many of them are caused by escalating known threats and unforeseen risks. LETHAL AFFAIR has a multitude of adventuresome escapades, where peril can occur without any warning.

There was a time when FBI agent Casey McBride thought he would spend the rest of his …

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