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Review A Fortune for the Outlaw’s Daughter by Lauri Robinson


Maddie Sotckwell feels as if her life has always been controlled by men. Now she has a chance to control her own activities, only to be attacked by her past. When Cole “Lucky” Dumont rescues her, she feels she has another chance at freedom. Lucky is heading to the Alaska gold fields and Maddie resolves to accompany him. Outmaneuvered, Lucky has no choice but to help her and keep her safe as they travel deep into Alaska in search of gold. What they find is more than either could hope for.

Lauri Robinson does a …

Review: The Nanny Plan by Sarah M. Anderson


Trish Hunter is trying to find funding for her charity which helps bring school supplies to with the Lakota children. Nate Longmire has a foundation for just such charities. Unfortunately, Nate finds himself taking the care of his orphaned niece. To say he needs help would be understatement. When Trish again arrives to discuss her charity, Nate immediately devises with an excellent plan – The Nanny Plan. He will donate to her charity if she agrees to be the nanny for one month – no extra curricular activities allowed. It is not long before …


Princess Samira of Jazeer is the talk of the town, but this time the gossip is not cruel but glowing. Samira had survived an ugly much-publicized breakup with her Hollywood lover after he was found in flagrante delicto with his leading lady but Samira was left unsure of herself and went into hiding. With help from her family, Samira has fulfilled one of her dreams. She has become a clothing designer and her creations are sought after by the rich and famous. Samira has often donated her designs to charity auctions and at the …

Review: TEXAS REBELS: EGAN by Linda Warren

Twelve years ago Rachel Hollister left her hometown of Horseshoe, Texas guilt-ridden and vowing never to return but here she is, lost. Trying to put off the family reunion, Rachel took the long way home only to find that the roads have changed and now she is out in the boondocks with a broken down rental car and no cellphone reception. Rachel had just resigned herself to walk back the way she came when a fine-looking cowboy comes thundering through the woods and rescues her. Instinctively, she trusts this man the first time she …

Review: It Happened in Vegas by Amy Ruttan


As a senator’s daughter, Dr Jennifer Mills would like nothing more than to fade into the background. Being publicly jilted at the altar, has Jennifer seeking a place to hide. She is sure she has found that place in Las Vegas – until she finds ER Dr. Nick Rousseau. She spent a memorable night with him three years earlier and then each moved on – Jennifer to Boston and Nick to Afghanistan. Now they meet again and both are struggling with their pasts. They cannot seem to stay away from each other. Perhaps together …

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