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Review: A Lady for Lord Randall – Sarah Mallory

Mary Endacott is no ordinary Regency miss. Having been raised by her liberal parents to shun convention, cherish her independence and be the mistress of her own destiny, Mary – unlike her peers – is not looking to make a match. With her Academy for Young Ladies in Brussels to keep her busy, Mary has got neither the time nor the inclination for husband-hunting. Surrendering her independence for the shackles of matrimony is not an option for her, and despite having had her fair share of admirers, she is adamant that she will remain …

Review: Triple Time by Regina Kyle


Gabe Nelson wants to run for District Attorney, but it seems he has a problem – he is too boring and can be stiff socially. Running into his sister’s friend, Devin Padilla, is good fortune. Gabe knows that Devin, a tattoo artist, is perfect to help him. In exchange for searching for her brother, Devin agrees to show him how to be less of a stuffed shirt. The only problem the two have is that they cannot seem to keep their hands off each other. It does not take long until business passes into …

Review: King’s Ransom (Man on a Mission) by Amelia Autin

Anticipation builds as the main couple in the second book of the Man on a Mission miniseries find themselves facing one troublesome dilemma after another. The story is suspenseful because of mounting threats from an unknown source, while powerful emotions can be found in each compelling scene. I never knew what the final outcome was going to be during several very intense moments, and my anxiety mounted for likable hero and heroine created by an author who knows exactly how to convey the innermost traits of her characters with convincing behavior. The realism depicted …

Review: Falling for the Mom-to-Be by Lynne Marshall

A compelling romance and a wide range of emotions can always be found in a book by Lynne Marshall. Add in numerous characters with very real personalities, and the result is a story that is entertainingly believable. The Home in Heartlandia miniseries is especially interesting with its ongoing conflict about the history of a picturesque Oregon coastal town. In the third book, decisions must be made concerning what is learned and plenty of drama plays out from time to time, even potentially affecting the connection between two people who are actually not looking for …

Review: A SEAL’s Secret by Tawny Weber


Navy SEAL Mitch Donovan never passes up a challenge. A push-up contest at a Halloween party should be easy to win. Except the hot woman dressed as a delicious dessert has a few tricks of her own. Mitch finds he may need to call on his considerable restraint to resist taking a taste. He has a feeling one taste will not be enough.

While Livi Kane is known as The Body Babe, that does not give her the confidence she lacks. Mitch touches something inside her she thought no one ever would. And soon one …

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