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Review: Designated Target by Karen Anders

The ideal balance of danger and passion makes the latest book in the To Protect and Serve miniseries continuously enthralling. Whether the main couple are fleeing from ruthless kidnappers or enjoying a moment of sensual intimacy, the scene is always believable with genuine emotions conveyed. Karen Anders makes her suspenseful story particularly convincing by creating true-to-life characters whose reactions come across as very realistic. DESIGNATED TARGET has adrenaline-pumping scenarios where outcomes are never assured until the last second.

Since Dr. Skylar Baang was kidnapped when she was young, she is alarmed when sounds associated with …

Review: Tempted by a Cowboy by Sarah M. Anderson


Jo Spears is a horse trainer – now. She does an excellent job. So when she is hired by the Beaumont Ranch to train Sun, a VERY expensive horse. She cannot resist the challenge. His owner, Phillip Beaumont, is a different story entirely. He likes to drink a lot and he likes women a lot. And with both, he has no problem with more than one at time. He cannot under stand what it is about Jo that attracts him. She challenges him and refuses to respond to his usual lines. Soon, both are …

Review: Not the Boss’s Baby by Sarah M. Anderson


Living up to his father’s expectations has never been easy. As the oldest, Chadwick was expected to live only for the Beaumont business. While he dedicated himself to the business as he father wanted, he swore that he would not become a womanizer like his father. To that end, his beautiful assistant, Serena Chase, was completely off limits.

Now everything has changed. His marriage is over. The company is in jeopardy. Serena is single. Is she flirting with him? Chadwick wants to go for it. He has wanted Serena for a long time and he …

Review: Betrayed by His Kiss by Amanda McCabe


Orlando Landucci stays in Florence, well aware of the darkness the city holds. He beloved sister was a victim to that darkness and he is resolved to avenge her death. With the arrival of innocent Isabella Spinola, Orlando finds himself at odds with his needs for revenge. He wants to protect Isabella and keep her safe but she is kin to his enemy and that causes him to feel a sense of betrayal. Each kiss leads him further into his sense of betrayal but he also knows he cannot let her death go unavenged.

Amanda …

Taming Her Italian Boss – Fiona Harper

Taming Her Italian Boss is a fun, heart-warming, charming and feel-good contemporary romance that has got winner written all over it!

Architect Max Martin has got a lot on his plate at the moment. With his career and reputation resting on completing a commission that could cement his position as one of the leading players in his field, Max must focus all of his energy and dedication on the job at hand and not allow anyone or anything to distract him from achieving his goal. The last thing Max needs is to be tasked with …

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