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Another Blood Knight gets to tell his story in the third book of the Vampire Moons series, where obligation frequently clashes with desire. These seven extraordinary immortals have existed for centuries, after being chosen to carry out specific commitments using their new capabilities. More about these fascinating beings is learned in the latest book, and each new fact only adds to their honorable reputation. The world created by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom for her paranormal beings is like no other, where unique traits abound. IMMORTAL OBSESSION is imaginatively original with enchanting adventures.

Christopher St. John is a Blood Knight, and he knows it is his responsibility to keep the number of frenzied vampires in London from increasing and control the ones already transformed. He knows humans are at risk from these recently turned bloodsuckers, plus he must keep mortals from discovering their worst nightmares are actually real. When he comes in contact with a newsperson who has come to the area to report on several missing American girls, he knows duty comes first and that the connection he feels for her must be ignored.

Though Madison Chase did come to London along with a news crew, there is …

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