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A large group of people have been deeply affected in past books when other individuals let their desire for power override their integrity, and there may be more threats if one man is right. A sense of duty to family is the driving force behind the hero’s quest to discover what actually happened to his brother, and countless unanticipated twists are disclosed as he and the heroine investigate. The previous connected stories were filled with lots of danger, and the peril has not lessened in the third book. Though you definitely do not want to miss out on learning all about the two couples in the prior books, enough history is given so that the reader does not feel lost. Kimberly Van Meter cleverly entwines an emotional romance with unexpected turns to make THE AGENT’S SURRENDER enthralling all the way through.

Since his twin brother was declared guilty of treason after he died, CIA agent Holden Archangelo knows it is up to him to verify his sibling was innocent. The organization for which he works may have closed the case, but he thinks it needs to be examined further. Though he is told by the …

A sassy, sparkling and stirring contemporary romance readers will devour in a single sitting, Summer with The Millionaire is the second sensational Harlequin Romance novel from Jessica Gilmore.

Lady Araminta Davenport is used to being underestimated. Painted by the press and the paparazzi as an empty-headed socialite with a penchant for wild parties, broken engagements and designer handbags, Minty has always shrugged off other people’s criticisms and forged her own path. The tabloids haven’t cottoned on to the fact that the fun-loving party girl is an astute businesswoman who can turn her hand at anything – and that’s just how she likes it! While Minty has got no problem with the world knowing everything about her disastrous love life, she’d rather keep her corporate dealings to herself. However, when life throws her yet another curve ball and she finds herself needing to lie low for a while, Minty decides to leave England behind for a couple of weeks and head off to Tuscany to check on one of her business interests, Di Tore Dolce. However, mouth-watering ice cream and breath-taking views quickly pale into comparison when she claps eyes on the one man she has …

We loved Georgie Lee’s second Harlequin Historical, Rescued from Ruin, so we spoke to Georgie and asked her to tell us a little bit about the history behind her fabulous historical romance!

When I tell people I write historical romance, they often remark that I must do a lot of research. They are right. However, I am a non-fiction history junkie, so I love it. I especially love reading biographies and autobiographies. These books tend to offer the most in-depth information when it comes to researching period details. For example, in my upcoming October Harlequin Historical release, The Courtesan’s Book of Secrets, I needed to know how much it cost to send a boy to a school similar to the one Jane Austen’s father ran. I found my answer in a biography on Jane Austen.

When it came to researching the details of my heroine’s backstory for my current release, Rescued from Ruin, I turned to the biographies of women living in the first two decades of 1900s America. Rescued from Ruin is a story of reunited lovers. Randall and Cecelia, the hero and heroine, knew each other and fell in love as …

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