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Mia D’Angelo has been taking care of her late sister’s baby. She has also been trying to track down baby Rose’s father. She finally finds Adam Chase at his beachfront mansion, but Mia must be sure he would take good care of little Rose. She concocts a plan to meet him casually and that is where everything goes out of control. Before she knows it they are dating and she still has not told him about Rose.

When Adam learns he is a father, he is not sure what to think. He knew Mia had some secrets but this was a big one. Learning to trust her again is difficult particularly since he had been betrayed before. But Mia is working her way into his life and into his heart. Is Adam ready to accept what Mia can give him?

Adam and Mia were amazing together. They just had to get beyond their trust issues. Adam had been betrayed before and Mia had her sister’s little baby to care for as well as scars from her own past. Both had a lot to work through. The plot was rather different. Mia really wanted to ensure Adam …


Dylan Branson enjoys his solitary life making a living as a pilot. He used to be an agent for Omega Sector and still does the occasional job for them, especially when one of siblings needs his help. Now he has been asked to deliver some codes to Omega Sector, codes that could save millions of lives. Little does he know but the codes are actually inside the mind of Shelby Keelan, a computer expert. She has already had two attempts on her life. Dylan is attracted to her at first sight but vows to deliver her to Omega and then walk away and return to his solitary life. He can’t help but notice that they have much in common including their desire to be alone. When his plane is sabotaged and he is forced to crash land, the two are on the run with danger at their heels. Dylan realizes that he wants to keep Shelby safe now and forever.

Dylan and Shelby were perfect for each other. Too bad Dylan kept saying things that hurt Shelby in an effort to protect himself. The relationship looked doomed until fate took a hand. Dylan was not …


Navy SEAL Gabriel Thorne works with explosives both at work and in his private life. The one job is very dangerous and the other is lots of fun. Then he meets Tessa Monroe and none of his previous tried and true methods seem to work. He decides it will require different type of explosive and sets his plan into action.

Tessa is used to being the one in control with men. She never met a man who refused to play according to her rules. Then, she meets Gabriel and she finds her desire exploding whenever he is near. Tessa does not want to get caught in the backlash but she cannot seem to help herself. She decides to take her pleasure and then run but their desire for each other will not allow that.

Gabriel could take Tessa from zero to boiling in a matter of seconds. And he did that without touch. And Gabriel will heat you up along with Tessa. Tawny Weber does an amazing job of bringing these two to life. We get to hop on for the ride as they work out how to go from many to just one person in …

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