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The first book in the Cowboys, Doctors…Daddies miniseries is an emotionally rewarding romance of second chances. Lynne Marshall has written connected books about two brothers who were raised on a Wyoming ranch and later became doctors. One is a renowned cardiologist but the other has his own practice in the quaint town where he grew up. Putting duty before his own wishes, Dr. Trevor Montgomery has a good life but does not let any relationship get serious. When a woman he once knew comes back to Cattleman Bluff, they discover buried feelings quickly awaken and the resulting possibilities are much unexpected.

Though Julie Sterling had never wanted to return to her hometown of Cattleman Bluff, Wyoming, she decided it was the best option for her son, the one person who means everything to her. She has not lived there since becoming pregnant over thirteen years before, but now she is seeking employment with Trevor Montgomery, the very man who caused her to be a mother. Circumstances make it practical for Julie to live in her childhood home, and she really needs the job as a nurse practitioner to support her son. Working for the family …

Upon starting the first Harlequin Nocturne release from Kelli Ireland, I had no idea the story would be so fascinating. A group of druids use a clever mix of modern and ancient thinking to solve problems, and I was often fascinated by their choices. While smartphones may be used by these men who possess supernatural abilities, they also have a library containing vital information that has been recorded for a vast number of years and the use of magic is frequently a key factor. Kelli Ireland has written an imaginative paranormal story with distinctive characters and a unique premise.

In the early 1700’s, a young Irish druid received a forewarning from a powerful being about a time to come where a certain woman will show him the truth. If Dylan O’Shea does not find this female and learn crucial information, mankind and even druids like him will perish because of the actions of a banished goddess. He immediately begins his mission, but it takes several hundred years for him to locate Kennedy Jefferson. Right before Samhain, he is finally told she lives in Atlanta, Georgia and he wastes no time in going to her. Kennedy …


Major Adam Flint’s prowess on the battlefield is legendary. An exceptional soldier who would put his neck on the line to defeat the enemy and annihilate his rivals, Adam is a man of honour who will do his utmost to fight for what he believes in. When he stumbles upon a defenseless young woman who is about to be attacked by a gang of evil marauders, Adam loses no time in rushing to her aid. However, little does he realise that the damsel in distress whom he’s just rescued from a fate worse than death is about to turn his entire life upside down…

The last thing Adam needs is to be saddled with a beautiful young woman unable to remember her own name! With death and destruction wherever he turns, Adam does not want or need the added responsibility of a ward on his already overburdened shoulders, but the honourable rake cannot help but be intrigued by his mysterious new charge! Despite her inability to recall anything about her life prior to her arrival on the battlefield of Waterloo, Adam is very much aware that the woman who is causing him no end of …

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