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Sometimes an obligation is the reason a person takes a certain action, even when there is another path they actually want to follow. Since the hero was born into a family that rules a desert Middle Eastern country and he is its new emir, he is duty-bound to follow the rules of Qamsar. Yet when a chance encounter has him meeting a woman whom he cannot forget, his mind and heart become embattled in a constant war of decisive choices. UNDER THE SHEIK’S PROTECTION has complex predicaments plus challenging emotional issues, and C.J. Miller cleverly interweaves devious schemes with heartfelt desires to create an engrossing story of suspense.

Though it became his duty to lead Qamsar because of his birth, Sheik Saafir bin Jassim Al Sharani is willing to do whatever he can to aid his country and get its people to stand behind him. Some individuals living there do not want him to rule, and they are taking drastic measures to ensure he never does. One way to help bring peace between the different parties is to marry a woman whose connections will draw the diverse groups closer, even if he does not know …

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