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Kate Whitley is running on pure adrenaline, her daughter is in the hospital waiting for a life saving operation that Kate can not afford. In fact, she is relying on the goodness of a stranger by staying in an empty house close to the hospital that the stranger knows about while she tries to figure out a way to pay for her daughter’s operation. The last thing she needs is to be confronted by the owner of the house and be thrown out into the cold wet night.



Lucas Carrington returns home to his empty house filled with ghosts of the past only to find it is not empty but harboring a beautiful confrontational woman. Determined to rid himself of this intrusion, Lucas demands she leave but thinks better of it when he realizes a storm is raging outside and Kate is desperate. Her temporary reprieve becomes more than either Lucas or Kate realize when their hearts become involved.



SAFE IN THE TYCOON’S ARMS is a heartwarming story by talented Jennifer Faye. Readers can not help but “love” billionaire tycoon with a heart of gold, Lucas …

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