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The beings known as Sentinels have been clashing with another group of individuals called the Atrum Core for a very long time, and it appears their conflict is definitely not over in the eighth book of the series. In each story about the Sentinels, the premise has been extremely unique with a spirited couple. The newest release brings danger to the group who watches over the southwest region, and it is up to one of its members to stop the threat or all may be doomed. When an enemy is able to get close to the man who is diligently looking for a solution to the Sentinels problem, their choices can either lead to them having a bright future or cut it short. The clever imagination of Doranna Durgin creates a paranormal story that is totally fascinating all the way through. SENTINELS: LEOPARD ENCHANTED intrigues with inventive details plus distinctive characters.

Being a technician for the Sentinels makes Ian Scott proud, especially when he can help save lives. However, his current project is causing him much aggravation, because he has failed to think up a way to guard those like himself from the amulets developed …

CataRomance is delighted to be chatting to fast-rising historical romance author Elisabeth for a chat about her books, writing and Medieval England.

Thank you so much for joining us here at CataRomance, Elisabeth! It’s lovely to have you here!
Your second Harlequin Historical novel, A Wager for the Widow, was released in July. Could you tell us something about the book?

I’ll start with this quote from Giacomo Casanova which sums up the hero’s attitude for me: ‘A girl who is pretty and good, and as virtuous as you please, ought not to take it ill that a man, carried away by her charms, should set himself to the task of making their conquest.’

I wanted to explore the idea of two people falling in love against their better judgment or intentions when both are determined not to. They first encounter each other on the heroine’s journey to her father’s house when the hero makes a rather dramatic entry during a river crossing and gets on the wrong side of her from the outset.
Eleanor is a young widow and daughter of a nobleman. She grudgingly returns to her father’s estate each midwinter but would …

The widowed Lady Peyton cherishes her life of independence where she is the mistress of her own destiny and nobody’s subordinate – unlike many other women of her time. Eleanor’s life on her secluded island might get lonely at times, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves pleasing herself and not having anyone to answer to and she is not exactly overjoyed when she is summoned by her father, Lord Edgar, to the family home over midwinter. Well aware that her parents are keen to see her married off again, preferably to a man of great rank and fortune, Eleanor is not looking forward to being paraded around like a prized heifer by her mother and father. However, being a dutiful daughter, she knows that she has no choice but to do her parents’ bidding. Eleanor might be dreading leaving her home, but her trip to her parents’ castle is livened up by a daring adventurer who asks her for a kiss! Being a well-brought up genteel lady, Eleanor naturally refuses. After the death of her husband, she had vowed to put affairs of the heart behind her and to concentrate …

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