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During a Rescue training exercise, Search and Rescue K-9 handler Breanna McBride witnesses an injured man being hunted by two armed men. When the assailants leave the area, Bree rushes to help the wounded stranger. She is drawn to him despite his memory loss and the danger he is in and feels she must help him find the answers to his identity.

The only thing the injured man can remember is that his name is Scott and someone is trying to stop him from doing something. Who is he and why does he instinctively trust Bree? It seems that her association with him is putting her in danger as well but Bree won’t abandon Scott.


Inspirational suspense author Hope White takes us back to Echo Mountain and the courageous characters of its Search and Rescue unit with her latest thrilling book, COVERT CHRISTMAS. Breanna aka Bree has had trouble with a relationship in the past and her family and friends are naturally overprotective of her, especially when she tries to help a potentially dangerous stranger. But Bree feels a bond with Scott and is determined to support his search for answers. Readers are treated to building …


Scott Walker has worked hard since his father walked out on the family all those years ago. He has been successful as a mechanic, supporting his sisters and mother. His business is thriving. Women like him and he has always been honest with them. His life in on track. Then Carrie Jameson, the one woman he never forgot, returns to the Cove with some surprising news. Scott still finds Carrie irresistible but issues with his own responsibilities, including his unresolved anger towards his father, makes building a relationship with Carrie, and more, precarious to say the least.

Christmas at the Cove is a beautifully written love story, made even more magical with the Christmas season as the setting. These two had a past, a past that produced more than memories. Now they had a second chance at love but the road is rocky and paved with jealous ex-girlfriends, a father who deserted his family and an irresistible attraction that prevents the brain from engaging. What more could you want in your romance story? Pick up Christmas at the Cove by Rachel Brimble and immerse yourself in the lives of Scott and Carrie. You will not …


With his financial life thriving as a member of the Black Castle Brotherhood, Rafael Salazar return to Rio de Janeiro to exact revenge on the man who stole his childhood. He plans a ball to lure in his enemy but Rafael is taken off guard when he spies a beautiful woman who touches him in a way he never thought possible. He will stop at nothing to make her his, even after he discovers she is the daughter of his enemy.

Eliana Ferreira has never met anyone quite like Rafael. He is strong, forceful and desirable. She cannot seem to deny him anything until she stumbles upon his plans. Pregnant and days before her wedding, Eliana is sure that Rafael’s revenge will take everything and leave her with nothing.

From Enemy’s Daughter to Expectant Bride is Olivia Gates first book in a new series, The Billionaires of Black Castle. The concept is refreshing and intriguing. Olivia Gates adds her own blend of romance to the mix and we get a series that will be compelling and much anticipated. The series starts out with a bang with the From Enemy’s Daughter to Expectant Bride, the story of …

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