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Hank Judd is determined to be the father his daughter deserves. Filling in as the manager at the Circle P Ranch will give him that opportunity. He has been a distant parent for most of his ten-year-old’s life and it is time he started making up for it. There is only one problem, Kelly Tompkins, his one time love, is back in town and tempting him with feelings better left in the past.


The Parkers from the Circle P and the Tompkins from the neighboring ranch are in an ongoing feud but that didn’t stop Judd from helping out old man Tompkins. When his daughter Kelly finds out her father is in the hospital she returns home to help, only to find out she has some tough decisions to make about her father and the ranch. Fortunately, Judd is around to help out. But the longer Kelly and Judd work together the more they remember why they fell in love the first time. Is it possible for ill-fated love to have a second chance?


Talented author Leigh Duncan continues her engaging series, Glades County Cowboys, with HIS FAVORITE COWGIRL. The hero and heroine, Judd and Kelly, …

Luke Winterley, Viscount Farenze, is dreading returning to Farenze Lodge, but wild horses wouldn’t keep the saturnine aristocrat from being at his beloved Aunt Virginia’s bedside during her final days. For the last ten years, Luke has tried his hardest to avoid visiting Farenze Lodge- largely because of the one woman he has never been able to forget: his Aunt’s housekeeper and companion, Mrs Chloe Wheaton. When Luke had first clapped eyes on the beautiful servant, he had been bewitched by the pretty widow, yet theirs was a love that was destined to remain forbidden. After making a disastrous match, Luke had quickly learned that affairs of the heart do not always end happily and he has tried his hardest to keep his heart under lock and key and any kind of emotional entanglement at bay since then. However, when he meets the enchanting Mrs Wheaton again, all those long-buried feelings, which he has tried so hard to suppress, come rushing back to the fore.

Chloe has never quite managed to put all the longing and yearning which she felt for Luke behind her. Still tortured by the memory of their passionate embraces and forbidden …

Dr Tara Braxton had once had it all: a flourishing medical career in New York, a handsome fiance whom she adored and a bright and rosy future ahead of her. Tara thought that life couldn’t possibly get any better for her – until the scales had fallen dramatically from her eyes and realised that the last couple of years had been nothing but a cruel lie. Heartbroken, dejected and alone, Tara had left her life – and her fiance- behind in New York and retreated to Deer Creek, a small town in the Colorado mountains, to lick her wounds and try her best to put the pain of the past behind her. Determined never to put her heart on the line ever again, Tara had vowed to keep her heart firmly under lock and key and to invest all of her time and energy into her career and her flourishing medical clinic. Her plan to stay stubbornly single seems to be working a treat – until the new locum, Dr Fraser Mackenzie, strides into Deer Creek!

Charismatic, charming and as sexy as sin, Fraser Mackenzie soon has all the women in town eating out of …

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