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 Men who have bad intentions in suspense stories come from varied backgrounds and have wide-ranging personalities. They are regularly even unidentified until almost the last scene. However, the villainous character is revealed in the first story by Mel Sterling, and he seems to be leading a normal life. But sometimes when no one else is around, his wicked nature cannot be controlled. How everything will ultimately end keeps the suspense in LATIMER’S LAW growing until the nerve-racking conclusion.

One minor incident turns into a much bigger predicament when Abigail McMurray impulsively decides to drive away in a truck not belonging to her. When her brother-in-law came to help after her husband died, he proved his concern was false when he started to abuse her with his hands and words. The only thing she could see was the chance to make her life better, not the repercussions of such a desperate act. Before Abby can rationally think things through, any choices she would have made are taken from her when the very annoyed owner of the truck appears.

After he confronts the woman who stole from him, Cade Latimer wants to know her reason for the theft. …

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