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The first time Prince Lorenzo Torelli of Melvante meets Indigo Moran he believes she is another paparazzi. The second time he meets her, Lorenzo realizes how wrong he was about her and that she has no clue who he is. For just a moment he can be himself and she treats him as any other person and he relishes in that fact. Once Indigo realizes who he is the pretense is gone, but as Lorenzo readily shares he wants them to go on as they were. Both know there is no hope for more than a brief affair and both jump into it, despite the fact it will be short lived. However, Lorenzo believes that Indigo is meant to be by his side and wants her as his bride, but Indigo believes he has a duty to his country and she is not suitable. Who will win this charming battle of the wills?

Very sweet story, Lorenzo and Indigo are polar opposites but they work. Lorenzo is so focused on becoming the next king that when he meets Indigo it is like a breath of fresh air overcomes him. He begins to chip away at …

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