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Bindi Paxton had a shot at stardom until her fiancé dumped her. Now all she wants is to get out of Las Vegas, and give herself some time to decide on her next action. The beautiful Seychelles are perfect for some relaxation and reflection. That is until, her ex-fiancé’s son shows up. Santino Franco needs to find the man who left him with a career ending injury. As the former heir to the Las Vegas Slayers, Santino wants some answers and since his father has disappeared, he thinks Bindi might have them. Their attraction is not something either wants to act on but then again, how can they resist?

Lisa Marie Perry packs a lot of punch into the pages of Mine Tonight – abusive relationships, gold digging, things lost, and betrayal – all for the sake of money and/or power. It is amazing, the lengths one will go. Lisa Marie Perry also adds in maturing and taking responsibility, and, let’s not forget, passion, acceptance and love. Mine Tonight has two main characters who have a lot on their plate. It does take some time to learn about their motivations and when you do you …


Maddie Sotckwell feels as if her life has always been controlled by men. Now she has a chance to control her own activities, only to be attacked by her past. When Cole “Lucky” Dumont rescues her, she feels she has another chance at freedom. Lucky is heading to the Alaska gold fields and Maddie resolves to accompany him. Outmaneuvered, Lucky has no choice but to help her and keep her safe as they travel deep into Alaska in search of gold. What they find is more than either could hope for.

Lauri Robinson does a fantastic job of bringing Alaska to life for us. Through the eyes of Maddie and Lucky we see how hard the life can be and how amazing it can be as well. We meet many different characters that make the west the unique place it was. Pick up A Fortune for an Outlaw’s Daughter and find out for yourself how sweet and captivating a story by Lauri Robinson can be.


Trish Hunter is trying to find funding for her charity which helps bring school supplies to with the Lakota children. Nate Longmire has a foundation for just such charities. Unfortunately, Nate finds himself taking the care of his orphaned niece. To say he needs help would be understatement. When Trish again arrives to discuss her charity, Nate immediately devises with an excellent plan – The Nanny Plan. He will donate to her charity if she agrees to be the nanny for one month – no extra curricular activities allowed. It is not long before they are both finding it hard to abide by the plan. And what will happen when the month is up? Trish finds herself falling for the sexy Nate, but she has her own dreams and love is not a part of them.

Everyone has hopes and dreams and Trish is close to realizing hers. Nate had already been following his dreams and now wants something more. But Trish does not want to give up her dreams. Can Nate help her realize her dreams and make his own a reality as well?

Sarah M. Anderson never disappoints with her ability to write fantastic …

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