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A number of factors in TRAITOROUS ATTRACTION made me want to read the book, and not one of these aspects disappointed. Two strangers have to work together on a perilous mission, where they must hike through a jungle which has countless risks that could come at them from numerous sources. I have always loved this plot, and C.J. Miller gives her couple some original dilemmas to prevail over or their mission cannot continue. Add in lots of sexual tension, and scenes become even more riveting because of unleashed passions. From beginning to end, TRAITOROUS ATTRACTION keeps you totally engrossed in every compelling development.

When a woman Connor West does not know comes to his remote cabin, he hopes she will leave after they speak a few words. But after she mentions his dead brother’s name, he listens to what she has to say. He keeps wondering if Sphere, his former employer, could have sent Kate Squire to trick him, as he does not trust the covert agency where he and his sibling were undercover agents. Learning she works as a computer analyst, she reveals that much information they were told about his brother could be …

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