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Major Adam Flint’s prowess on the battlefield is legendary. An exceptional soldier who would put his neck on the line to defeat the enemy and annihilate his rivals, Adam is a man of honour who will do his utmost to fight for what he believes in. When he stumbles upon a defenseless young woman who is about to be attacked by a gang of evil marauders, Adam loses no time in rushing to her aid. However, little does he realise that the damsel in distress whom he’s just rescued from a fate worse than death is about to turn his entire life upside down…

The last thing Adam needs is to be saddled with a beautiful young woman unable to remember her own name! With death and destruction wherever he turns, Adam does not want or need the added responsibility of a ward on his already overburdened shoulders, but the honourable rake cannot help but be intrigued by his mysterious new charge! Despite her inability to recall anything about her life prior to her arrival on the battlefield of Waterloo, Adam is very much aware that the woman who is causing him no end of …

Sometimes a woman does not realize her true value, often because she thinks some incident has changed her and not in a good way. But if luck is on her side, she will meet a man like the hero of this story who comprehends just how exceptional this individual truly is and goes to great lengths to prove it to her. While many stories make the reader experience the inner feelings of the characters, rarely is the emotional impact as strong as when reading the heartrending moments in LIAM’S WITNESS PROTECTION. The writing of Amelia Autin is always deeply moving, and never has her words been more touching than in her fifth Man on a Mission story.

Though there is no official reason for Liam Jones to attend the trial against a man accused of human trafficking, he has come to support his older brother. Both are U.S. Diplomatic Security Service agents, and his sibling is not only responsible for bringing the criminal to trial but will also be testifying. One of the most important witnesses is Caterina “Cate” Mateja, a woman formerly from Zakhar who unwittingly became caught up in a situation which put …

Seventeen years ago, Leah Rebel left her husband and newborn daughter. One tragedy after another kept her away but now she wants to at last meet her grown daughter for one final time. Leah has too many secrets and she doesn’t want to burden Falcon and Eden with them, but a drastic change in her life may leave her with no other choice.

Falcon Rebel still loves his wife after all these years and has never given up on her return. However, when he is finally contacted by Leah, who wants to see their daughter, Eden, he is angry, hurt and afraid that he may loose his daughter. If raising a child alone has taught Falcon anything, it has taught him patience, so Falcon is willing to give Leah the benefit of the doubt. But Leah is holding something back and it may mean the end of their family forever.

Bestselling author Linda Warren continues her Texas Rebels series with Falcon’s story in TEXAS REBELS: FALCON. The Rebel family is a rowdy, hardworking, loyal group that take care of their own. When Leah and Falcon married as teenagers and moved in with the Rebels, Leah was …

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