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For years Cain Dennison has been haunted by the death of his best friend. She was found murdered at Crybaby Falls and an investigation revealed she was also pregnant. He returns now to try and find closure. When he return to the Falls, he discovers Sara Lindsey and he is shocked to discover that he finds her desirable. After some discussion, they realize they have a common goal and resolve to work together to uncover the murderer. While their collaborating is not quite as smooth as one would wish, they do find information that could rock this small Tennessee town to its very core.

The interaction between Sara and Cain was incredible to read and enjoy. A small town is nothing if it is not interconnected and this has those interconnections in spades. Persistence and diligence on their part lead to unraveling the truth but they soon find there are some who want to keep the truth hidden.

Crybaby Falls was exciting to read from page one to the very end. Action keeps coming and you never know where the next surprises will pop up. Paula Graves has a lesson for us also in the pages …

Self-made billionaire Damaso Pires and Princess Marisa of Bengaria met in the steamy jungles of Brazil where they had one brief sizzling night of bliss. The next morning, Damaso left Marisa knowing she would understand that the instant attraction they shared would never be permanent. However, Marisa thought their night together was too good to be fleeting and was crushed by Damaso’s thoughtlessness. Damaso believed the media’s version of Marisa as a party girl and he has proven to Marisa that he is a playboy at heart.


A month later Marisa and Damaso accidentally meet again. Damaso discovers that he cares more for Marisa than any other woman he has known before and especially now, after he overhears a conversation between Marisa and her doctor. Will Marisa and Damaso be able to admit to the love they both are feeling for each other or will their past and trust issues keep them apart?


Bestselling author Annie West captivates her readers with a deliciously handsome hero, a strong independent heroine and an exotic setting in DAMASO CLAIMS HIS HEIR. Readers can always count on brilliant Annie West to deliver passionate sigh-worthy stories that beckon us to escape …


When Melissa and Edmond married, they resolved not to have children. But after Melissa’s parents died in a car accident, things began to change for Melissa and she thought things could change for Edmond too. Edmond, however, couldn’t believe Melissa altered her feelings on the subject and so took matters into his own hands to make sure he would never have children. Not understanding how her loving husband could be so arrogantly selfish, Melissa left their marriage.


Now, three years later, Melissa is a fertility counselor at Safe Harbor Medical and has decided to have a child on her own, and will soon be delivering triplets. Meanwhile, Edmond has also moved to Safe Harbor and is guardian of his seven year old niece. He asks Melissa for help but she believes Edmond is a natural at parenting, why can’t he see that? Will Melissa and Edmond be able to figure out what went wrong in their marriage and find their way back to each other?


Multi-published Jacqueline Diamond has created another fascinating romance with characters from Safe Harbor Medical in THE SURPRISE TRIPLETS. Diamond’s hero and heroine are very much in love, even after their divorce, …

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