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We loved Stefanie London’s debut Harlequin Kiss novel, Only the Brave Try Ballet, here at CataRomance, so we asked Stefanie a couple of questions about ballet, sassy books and the appeal of sexy football players!

Welcome to CataRomance, Stefanie. It’s wonderful to have you here! Your debut novel for Harlequin Kiss/M&B Modern Tempted, Only the Brave Try Ballet, was published earlier this year. Could you tell us something about the book?

The book is about two people who seem like total opposites on the surface. Jasmine is prim and proper ex- ballerina, while AFL player Grant has a bit of a wild streak. When they get to know one another they realise just how much they have in common. They’re both fiercely driven, resilient and have a tendency to shut others out. My favourite part of writing their story was watching them slowly let their guards down both physically and emotionally.

What originally inspired Only the Brave Try Ballet?

The inspiration came from a few places. I studied ballet for over ten years growing up and I’ve always admired the dedication and hard work of professional dancers. I …

Dance teacher Jasmine Bell is more used to teaching little girls in bright pink tutus than strapping football players with shoulders to die for and a killer physique. But when Grant Farley saunters through her dance studio nursing an injury and in desperate need to get back into shape, Jasmine finds herself with a huge challenge on her hands. Grant’s raw masculinity and intense sexuality have awakened long-buried feelings deep within her which she’d thought dead and forgotten about. The gorgeous football player may have gotten under her skin, but the prim dance teacher is determined to keep things strictly professional between them. However, Jasmine hadn’t counted on Grant’s dogged determination to get physical with her…

Grant Farley might be Australia’s favourite bad boy football player, but behind the laid-back charm and devil may care attitude lies a man who has spent most of his life battling his demons and struggling to prove his worth. Grant’s passion for football had compelled him to turn his back on his family and fight with every fiber of his being to make it as a professional athlete. Although Grant now has the money, fame and accolades he has …


Jacob Ross needs to uncover the truth about his father’s death before he can move on in his chosen career. The man who has those answer is John Sage. The key to meeting him is Isabel Sage, his niece. A weekend spent as her bodyguard is just what he needs to get the truth. Jacob never expected to feel a connection to her. Now he is stuck. He knows telling her that he used her to get to her uncle will infuriate her. Jacob will need to convince her it has become so much more, while at the same get the information he needs. Jacob is not sure he can do both.

Jacob was an intriguing hero. He was extremely closed and almost emotionless in the beginning. Isabel, though, cracked his shell and we see the real Jacob starting to come out. His work demands that he face his past and, once he does, Jacob will need to make decisions for his future based on what he learns from that past.

Isabel in the beginning was focused on one thing. She thought she knew what she wanted in life. She had set a course and that …

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