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The second book in the Dark Seas miniseries focuses on another mermaid living in the Alabama bayou, and secrets must be kept while unexpected desire is on the rise. An extremely imaginative world has been created by Debbie Herbert for these mythical creatures, and each scene is compellingly depicted with fascinating plus realistic details. Regardless of whether you consider mermaids only live in fairy-tales or think they could perhaps exist, this well-written account will totally captivate. SIREN’S TREASURE is absolutely spellbinding.

When Jet Borsage receives a letter to speak with an IRS agent about her taxes, she is not exactly certain what Landry Fields will be asking her. The shrewd man seems very suspicious about some of her past activities, especially those dealing with artifacts sold to a salvage company. Since Jet is a mermaid, she has an advantage when it comes to locating lost valuables hidden at the bottom of the sea, but her method cannot be divulged to humans. She made the mistake of telling her former boyfriend about her special capability and they started hunting sunken treasure, then he betrayed her right before he was sent to prison.

Now her ex is back …


Heiress Patricia Cargill runs Texas Rescue with much satisfaction. Not only does she do an excellent job, she forces people to realize that she is more than just a huge dollar sign. Then she meets volunteer Luke Waterson. Luke is younger, brasher and very dangerous to her in so many ways. Embarking on a slow moving romance is hard for Luke but he likes what he sees in this ice princess and knows he can melt that ice with a little bit of patience. Patricia has no intention of falling for this cowboy but love had other ideas. Even when she finds out Luke was more than he appeared, Patricia is hesitant.

Patricia for all her money did not have a happy childhood. She learned at an early age to take care of herself and to mitigate her father’s damage to the family fortune with his myriad of lovers and wives. She swore that would not be her. To protect herself, she put up a wall of ice and became an ice princess. Luke saw through her façade to the warm loving woman underneath. He just had to convince her to let that woman out. …

The ideal balance of danger and passion makes the latest book in the To Protect and Serve miniseries continuously enthralling. Whether the main couple are fleeing from ruthless kidnappers or enjoying a moment of sensual intimacy, the scene is always believable with genuine emotions conveyed. Karen Anders makes her suspenseful story particularly convincing by creating true-to-life characters whose reactions come across as very realistic. DESIGNATED TARGET has adrenaline-pumping scenarios where outcomes are never assured until the last second.

Since Dr. Skylar Baang was kidnapped when she was young, she is alarmed when sounds associated with that ordeal are heard in her house one night. Though evasive action is attempted, she is taken captive by armed men. When NCIS special agent Vincent Fitzgerald and other team members are called upon to locate Skylar, he knows the scientist needs to be quickly found because of the secretive navy project which she is currently working on. Though they manage to get her back using his deductive skills, the threat to her has not been eliminated and Vin is assigned to be her guardian.

Not being able to work on her research does not make Skylar happy, as her whole …

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