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Natalie Charles is quickly becoming a favorite romantic suspense author of mine. Her stories are filled with danger, complicated plots and much emotion, where every scene is believably portrayed with realistic details. Ms. Charles is an actual attorney, and her knowledge about police procedures makes scenarios seem even more convincing.WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING has one twist after another, and each clue is cleverly constructed to cause much speculation.

When Lieutenant Gray Bartlett gets to the location where a body has been found, the Boston police officer immediately wonders if an unidentified killer has struck their area again. Before any facts are learned, a woman arrives at the crime scene. Mia Perez, a university professor and criminal profiler, informs Gray that she has worked similar cases in the past and might have an understanding into the person who committed the crime. One reason Mia is so invested in the potentially connected cases is her missing sister may have been a victim though no body was ever found. Also, she was attacked by someone shortly afterward, causing her memories to be unclear since the incident.

Though he is not impressed until she makes several perceptive observations, Gray …

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