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Lady Sarah Latymor has spent most of her life feeling unloved and unappreciated by her family and her friends – except for her beloved twin brother, Gideon. As the only person in the world who cares about her and who makes life bearable, Gideon is a beacon of light in an increasingly dark and lonely world for Sarah and she is absolutely heartbroken when her twin announces that he’s going off to war to fight for his country and defeat the enemy. Heartbreak quickly gives way to devastation when the news reaches her that her twin has been killed and is missing in action. Unable to bear the agonising pain of not knowing her twin’s fate, Sarah realises that she’s got no other option open to her other then to head to the front line to find Gideon. Sarah had left her life behind for the dangers of the battlefield to find answers, but she never expected to find her salvation – or love -in the arms of the devastatingly handsome – but wounded – soldier, Tom Bartlett.

Tom’s fearsome reputation on the battlefield is matched only by his prowess as a scoundrel with …


Omega Sector Agents Evan Karcz and Juliet Branson were amazing as undercover agents Bob and Lisa Sinclair. That is until Juliet was brutally attacked and left traumatized. Now she prefers the safety of paperwork to field work. When word reaches Bob Sinclair that military secrets are being auctioned, Even knows he must help Juliet regain her confidence and ability to work in the field. He has a simple plan. He will keep Juliet with him day and night, practicing being a loving couple. When attraction flairs out of control, Evan realizes he would do anything to keep Juliet safe, even risk his cover and his own life.

Evan was the perfect hero, one we would all like to have in our lives. The help he gave Juliet was so tender and incredibly loving and understanding. Your heart will go out to both of them as they struggle to overcome the consequences of the attack. The plot was realistic and pulled us in with the action, suspense and the life threatening danger. It give us new appreciation for the men and women who work everyday to keep us safe. Evan and Juliet represent the unsung heroes …


Ten years have past since Brodie Mitchell and Chantal Turner realized that the desire between them was sizzling hot. That realization had far reaching consequences among their group of friends. Everything changed that night. Now Brodie, a luxury yacht tycoon, and Chantal, a dancer, meet again. The heat between them still sizzles and Brodie knows there is only one way to get Chantal out of his system. His yacht offers the perfect place to engage in a one night no-strings delight, but one night becomes two and then another. Brodie realizes he wants more, but first must convince Chantal.

Sometimes the time is just not right for romance. When Brodie and Chantal first realized there was a spark, it had the effect of just about breaking up the group of friends. Now ten years later, the time is right but neither one of them wants anything more than a few night together. Brodie has his business to consider and Chantal is struggling with her dancing career. Love had a different idea.

The Tycoon’s Stowaway by Stefanie London is a tender story of second chance love. Neither one was looking for more but love entered the picture …

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