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Puck bunny Jenny Martin grew up the hard way. After her parents’ accidental deaths, she and her little sister were put in the care of their uncle, Pastor Douglas Boult. Only Pastor Boult paid teenage Jenny the wrong kind of attention and she had no one to turn to except her boyfriend Truman Jelinek. Unfortunately, Tru betrayed her to the one person that could cause her the greatest harm, her uncle. Jenny has avoided Tru ever since that fateful day, despite their attraction to each other.


Now, years later, Jenny has a job as a personal assistant for a billionaire media mogul and is putting her sister through college. Her off time is spent as queen of the puck bunnies cheering on the New Jersey Ice Cats hockey team. The only draw back is that Tru is a team member. Tru has never loved anyone like he loves Jenny but she won’t even listen to his apologies because she has lost all faith in him. A series of life altering events draw Tru and Jenny together for the first time in years. Will Tru be able to persuade Jenny to trust him long enough to …

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