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Review: Baby Under The Christmas Tree by Teresa Carpenter

PR director Elle Austin can tackle any situation,  except when it comes to team rebel Max “The Beast” Beasley.  When Max runs into custody issues over his son, Elle is forced to get close to the man who  drives her crazy. Everything about Max is primal, the chemistry between them sizzles, but his love em and leave him attitude has Elle not wanting to get close.  Seeing him with his son though has Elle torn between what her heart wants and what will end up hurting her in the end. Max doesn’t do relationships no matter how badly he wants to try when it comes to Elle, an ex who wants to cause problems and now full time parenthood has Max doing the one thing he hoped he never would, staying away from Elle.  With a little Christmas spirit, perhaps everyone can get their holiday wish.

Enchanting story, perfect for the holidays.  Elle is snappy in dialog and passionate about her opinions,  when she mixes with Max they both find a way to misinterpret each other while secretly hoping for something else.  I liked Max a lot, he was stubborn but seeing him lose his tough exterior was endearing.

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posted Friday, January 4th, 2013 | filed under Harlequin Romance

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